Photostory by Shibire Bekele

The landscape is ill and needs medication

Landscape Degradation and Restoration in the Ethiopian Highlands

Highland Ethiopia: Degraded mountainous land

Degraded landscape of the Ethipian highlands due to poor land management and farming practices on mountaineous land.

Ethiopian Highland: Comparison

The picture shows a sad reality of the impact of human being on landscape. the green part of the picture is managed park while the degraded/ grey landscape is with settlement and unmanaged cropping.

Ethiopian Highland: Landscape comparison during rainy season

This picture is the same landscape as the picture before, at a different season. The nature is contributing its part to make the landscape restoration.

Team carrying seedlings.

Young people taking seedlings to be planted. Here, I would like to show that we need commitment and we need to play our part to restore the landscape.

Villagers planting seedlings

Engaged communities play a key role for landscape restoration and give sense of ownership. No one destroys his/her own land.