Single Photo by Abdullah Thaseem Muhammed Shah 2023

Common Gallinule Amidst Polluted Waters

Reviving Hope: Common Gallinule Amidst Polluted Waters and Ecosystem Upgradation

This photograph shows a common gallinule surrounded by a heavily polluted waterbody, pointing to the pressing challenges linked to human-driven pollution.

The water's surface is polluted by plastic waste. Alongside this, toxic pesticides from neighbouring farmlands leach into the water, carrying substances like PCBs and DDT that steadily accumulate throughout the food chain and scattered glass fragments

A particularly noteworthy focus is on aquatic plants, such as hyacinth and duckweed. While crucial for the ecosystem, they absorb heavy metals and pesticides from the water, potentially jeopardizing the common gallinule that relies on them for sustenance.

Beyond ecological implications, this photograph extends its narrative to human health, exemplified by the scenario of contaminated cow grazing. Just as the gallinule consumes polluted plants just imagine cows grazing on polluted riverbanks. Imagine enjoying a glass of milk that, unbeknownst to you contains elevated levels of lead or mercury!

However, the image also serves as a hopeful starting point for change. It encourages us to envision the revitalization of degraded lands and ecosystems. Ecosystem upgradation, marked by efforts to remove pollutants, restore habitats, and promote sustainable practices, holds the promise of rejuvenating environments like the one depicted.