Collage of students planting trees.

According to the objective of Let's Plant e.V., an eroded/degraded area is to be restored in cooperation with the environmental group of the German school in Addis Ababa and a second local school in Addis Ababa. The contact to the German school in Addis Ababa exists. 

With the support of the Ethiopian Forestry Research Institute, we are currently looking for an area that is earmarked for restoration/reforestation by the city administration of Addis Ababa.  This area should be a maximum of one hour's drive from the German school and be of a size that can be managed by the students with phased support from local workers. 

The aim is to plant 10,000 trees of local tree species and to look after them over a longer period of time so that the trees can establish themselves sustainably. The tree species are Juniperus procera, Olea europaea subsp. cuspidata and Hagenia abyssinica. In addition to sustainable reforestation, the personal experience of the individual students and the multiplier effect through the students are the goals of this project.

The following concrete steps are planned:

  • Localization of an area for reforestation (currently in work).
  • Contacting another local school in the vicinity of the area.
  • Acquisition of seeds.
  • Sowing (November 2020).
  • Preparation of the area with the support of local workers (April/May 2021).
  • Planting the seedlings (June 2021).
  • Care of the seedlings/watering.

The time of planting is chosen to coincide with the beginning of the rainy season in order to minimize the effort of irrigation.

Milestones, that have been achieved so far:

  • Preparation of a small tree nursery on the premises of the German school.
  • Sourcing seeds for the first 1,000 trees.
  • The first 1,000 seeds are sown on the premises of the German school.

And here are some more impressions:

Students sowing tree seeds.
Details of sowing

Das ist ein Spacer.

Individual Students
Some students around a provisional nursery


We are looking for donations for our project

  • getting the seeds,
  • nursery material,
  • paying local labor to assist with planting, hole digging and irrigation.

In addition to support from committed private individuals, we have received an initial financing from Deutsche Telekom and the non-profit organization financed 1,500 trees. Many thanks to all previous donors! Overall, we have achieved around a third of our donation target for this project. Therefore, the following still applies: every donation helps to advance the project and to plant Addis!

Let's Plant
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Panorama view of rift valley

We are again organizing a photo competition as part of Tropentag 2021. The topic is: to upgrade / improve degraded land in the sense of holistic landscape management. The call for proposals is issued in cooperation with the Tropentag 2021 ( The Tropentag (tropical day) will take place from 15.09.-17.09.2021 as a hybrid conference (partly online and partly in person). It is organized by the Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Sciences Working Group (ATSAF) e.V. ( together with the University of Hohenheim. With around 1,000 participants, the Tropentag is regularly considered one of the largest scientific congresses on the subject of tropical and subtropical agricultural sciences worldwide. It is interdisciplinary and designed with a strong emphasis on young scientists.

The idea of the photo competition is to find pictures and photo reports on the topic that are as expressive as possible. In this way, interesting, promising and emotionally appealing approaches should be collected and made known. 

The two categories of the competition are:

  1. Best single picture
  2. Best photo story (max 10 photos)

An informative title and, if possible, a small history and (scientific) background information are asked to be provided for each submission. Submissions are sent to Deadline for submissions is 31.08.2021.

By submitting, the sender agrees to provide a non-exclusive right to the NGO Let's Plant e.V. to use the pictures and the accompanying texts for non-commercial purposes, in particular for exhibitions in print and online, always acknowledging and mentioning the sender/copyright holder. In cooperation with appropriate sponsors, Let's Plant offers to organize publically accessible exhibitions of the best placed photos.


The Winning Photos of Tropentag 2021

Also in 2021 we had great photos and background stories. A big thank you to all participants! Here are the ranking and the winning photos:

Category single photos:

1st place: Sarada Thapa. See photos.
nd place: Toán Nguyen. See photos.
3rd place: Toán Nguyen. See photos.

Category photo stories:

1st place: Shibire Bekele. See photos.
nd place: Giovanna Chavez. See photos.
2nd place: Inga Nienkerke. See photos.

The Results of Last Year: Tropentag 2020

In the framework of Tropentag 2020, Let's Plant hosted the photo competition for the first time. Many interesting photos have been submitted concerning the topic "to upgrade / improve degraded land in the sense of holistic landscape management" - from over 18 countries covering 4 continents! The jury ranked the submissions and the results have been presented as part of the enclosure of Tropentag 2020. We thank all participant for their phantastic contributions! For the jury it was very difficult to decide for a ranking of the photos. We nominated three winners in the category "Best single picture" and three winners in the category "Best photo stories". Here are the results:

Category single photos:

1st place: Rex Parro. See photos.
nd place: Julian Neef. See photos.
3rd place: Sushma Banjara. See photos.

Category photo stories:

1st place: Jakob Scheler. See photos.
nd place: Teresa Rojas. See photos.
rd place: Elio Guarionex. See photos.

Some of the winner photos are exhibited in the framework of the project Zeitenwende in the Kottenforest (near Bonn). The exhibition can be reached by this route.


Exhibition Zeitenwende


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