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Ecological Restoration – A global Challenge Ecologiacal Restoration cover Franciso A Comín

Ecological restoration projects seek to recover the natural functioning of degraded ecosystems, most often areas disturbed by human large scale projects such as agriculture developments, road building, mining and urban sprawl. While scientists focus on the ecological basis of habitat repair, practitioners, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and local people, tend to worry about social, economic, cultural and political aspects.

Ecological Restoration: A Global Challenge edited by Francisco A. Comín (2010), xxv + 291 pp., Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. ISBN 9780521877114 (hbk)
Large Scale Ecosystem Restoration Large Scale Ecosystem Restoration Mary Doyle, Cynthia Drew

This volume, edited by Mary Doyle and Cynthia Drew, presents case studies of five of the most noteworthy large-scale restoration projects in the United States: Chesapeake Bay, the Everglades, California Bay Delta, the Platte River Basin, and the Upper Mississippi River System. These projects embody current efforts to address ecosystem restoration in an integrative and dynamic manner, at large spatial scale, involving whole (or even multiple) watersheds, and with complex stakeholder and public roles.

Mary Doyle and Cynthia A. Drew, Large Scale Ecosystem Restoration (2008).